Thursday, July 4, 2013

Welcome/ Teaching Philosophy

           Welcome to my blog Empowering Great Minds! I am making this blog to share with other teachers and parents. My name is Julie Lowery and I am a special education teacher. I teach self contained English, math, science, history, and life skills at a public middle school. 

My teaching Philosophy: All students can learn to read, write, and solve daily living math problems no matter any physical or mental limitations. It is important to give instruction in which students are spending more time on task. Educational lessons should consist of an introduction, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and assessments. Behavior modification and instruction are most effective when evidenced based. Data of classroom progress assists in guiding instruction. Classroom rules that are posted, short, and positive help students know the expectations in the classroom.
Also, it is important for the teacher to assist in building a classroom climate of a want to participate, a want to learn, and a drive to do your best. Students learn best when the classroom is inviting, motivating, and positive. Students should want to be at school and included in the classroom lesson.  I believe teachers should have high expectations. If you give students high expectations, they will work to reach them, and if you give students low expectations they will do the work to meet the low expectations. It is important to provide scaffolding to assist students in reaching these high expectations.
Through exploring my teaching philosophy I have determined there is no such thing as a perfect teacher. We can always learn new skills and techniques to increase our students’ abilities in education. Therefore, I am excited to continue my educational journey, sculpt my teaching philosophy, and see how far I can advance my students.  

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